1959 Topps Baseball Cards

Topps Bob Gibson
Set Description

The 1959 Topps baseball card set includes 572 standard size cards, which measure 2½” by 3½”. The subsets for the 1959 Topps baseball cards are the rookie stars (116-146), Baseball Thrills (461-470), and the Sporting News All-Stars (551-572). The high number series, which is slightly more difficult to find, ranges from card number 507-572. The 1959 Topps Baseball set has aged well and remains popular with collectors. What had been a few years of competition-free baseball card releases from Topps came to an end in 1959. The Fleer Gum Company released an exclusive 80-card set dedicated entirely to the immortal Ted Williams. Not only did this keep Ted Williams from appearing in the Topps set, but it also re-awakened the possibility of a serious card competing with Topps for baseball card supremacy. Topps had thought the purchase of Bowman a few years back would help them maintain dominance for years to come, but the surprising upstart set from Fleer would put Topps back on alert.

Important Notes

#572 Billy Pierce is notorious for being hard to find centered

Set Info

Manufacturer: Topps
Year of Issue: 1959
Set Size: 572 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”


Series I: 1-110
Series II: 111-195
Series III: 196-283
Series IV: 284-370
Series V: 371-440
Series VI: 441-495

Price Guide (Complete Set)

VG – $1,000
EX – $1,800
NM – $4,500

Errors & Variations

No significant errors

Key Rookies

514 – Bob Gibson

Key Stars

10 – Mickey Mantle
50 – Willie Mays
163 – Sandy Koufax
380 – Hank Aaron
478 – Roberto Clemente
564 – Mickey Mantle AS