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Selling your baseball cards? What are your baseball cards worth? Do they have any value?

These are questions we receive on a daily basis from people around the country. There are many factors which determine the value and worth of your baseball, basketball, and football cards. You have come to the right place to answer these questions. Contact us or read our Beginner's Guide to Baseball Cards.

What We Do at BBC Emporium

BBC Emporium is a private collecting company and specializes in buying full sports card collections. We are interested in buying baseball, basketball, and football collections from 1969 and older. For a more detailed listing of what we are interested in buying, see What We Buy

We are interested in buying collections of all sizes and guarantee a competitive price for your cards. We also offer a free quotation of your collection. For large or expensive collections, we will travel to view and acquire your collection.

At BBC Emporium we value our sellers and their collections. We promise to always provide an honest, professional, and fair treatment of our sellers throughout the process.

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