Frequently Asked Questions

How does BBC Emporium pay me for my baseball card collection?

We typically pay with cash, check, PayPal or money order. However, we are open to other forms of payment if agreed to prior.

How does BBC Emporium determine the value of the cards I am selling to them?

Determining the value of any collectible is always subjective. At BBC Emporium, we believe the market should always determine the value of sports cards. We have developed in-depth market research tools which allows us to accurately value your card collection.

Does BBC Emporium buy unopened packs & boxes?

Of course. However, we scrutinize unopened cards heavier than regular cards as to verify their authenticity. Our experience has shown that many unopened packs (especially pre-80s) have been searched or tampered with.

How do I sell my baseball cards to you?

Please Contact Us for detailed instructions on how to sell your cards to BBC Emporium.

How should I package the cards I send to you?

Place the cards in boxes or protective sleeves and pack them tight with bubble wrap or paper. After they are packed, you should be able to rattle or shake the box and feel nothing move inside.

Have any further questions? Send us a message or call us and we will get back as soon as possible.

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