T202 (1912) Tobacco
Hassan Team Cards

Tobacco T202 Cobb/Jennings
Set Description

Distributed by Hassan cigarettes in 1912 this card is a close relative of the T205. The two player panels have bios on the backs and fold over a larger black and white picture in the middle. The set has 76 different center panels with the different end panels there is 132 different cards. All have similar cards in the T205 set except Joe Wood and Walt Blair. There are 2 cards that have variations, the 2 cards that depict Devlin/Mathewson as there end panels. One set with Devlin as a Giant and one set with Devlin as a Rustler.

Due to a recent realization/discovery on the Net54 forums, it was concluded that Shoeless Joe Jackson is depicted on the center panel of the “Lord Catches His Man” card.

Important Notes

T204 are very difficult to find and present a challenge to complete the set

Set Info

Manufacturer: Mecca Cigarettes
Year of Issue: 1912
Set Size: 132 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/4” x 5-1/2”


The cards were produced in 2 factories, 649 & 30

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Errors & Variations

17 player names (14% of the set) in T204 are misspelled

Key Rookies


Key Stars

Chief Bender
Mordecai Brown
Johnny Evers
Walter Johnson
Ed Plank
Joe Tinker

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