T201 (1911) Tobacco
Mecca Team Cards

Tobacco T201 Matthewson/Bridewell
Set Description

Mecca cigarettes distributed this card in 1911. The cards show two different players sharing the same legs. Open is one and folded reveals another. They are lithograph prints and for the first time they showed statistics of the players. The only short-printed card showcases Patsy Dougherty and Harry Lord. Singles from this series were printed at two factories, with the factory designation being listed on the bottom of the card backs under the cigarette ad. The Dougherty and Lord card is only found with the factory 649 designation and not factory 30, the second facility.

Important Notes

Very condition sensitive, due to the cards being “fold-able”

Set Info

Manufacturer: Mecca Cigarettes
Year of Issue: 1911
Set Size: 50 Cards
Card Size: 2-3/16” x 4-3/4”


The cards were produced in 2 factories, 649 & 30

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