E91 (1908) American Caramel

Caramel E91 Christy Mathewson
Set Description

Often considered the least collected type of caramel cards due to the inaccurate portrayal of certain players on the cards. The cards were issued between the 1908 and 1908 in 3 series (A,B, and C). The art that was used in the A set was duplicated in the B and C sets, and only the players name changed. This obviously resulted in cards showing the picture of one player with the name of a different player. Of all 99 cards issued, only 78 are unique.

Set A & B show players from the following teams: Philadelphia Athletes, New York Giants and Chicago Cubs. Set C shows players from the following teams: Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Senators and Boston Red Sox.

Important Notes


Set Info

Manufacturer: American Caramel Co.
Year of Issue: 1908-1908
Set Size: 99 Cards (Series A-33 cards, B-33 cards, C-33 cards)
Card Size: 1-1/2” x 2-3/4”


Issued in 3 series. It is widely believed that E91-A was issued in 1908, E91-B in 1909, and E91-C in 1908.

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Errors & Variations

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Key Rookies


Key Stars

Christy Mathewson
Tris Speaker
Walter Johnson
Joe Tinker
Eddie Plank

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