E90-3 (1910) American Caramel

Caramel E90-3 Chick Gandil
Set Description

Caramel cards in general are much rarer than tobacco cards of the era. Because they were issued with caramels one card per package and sold to children (as opposed to being sold to adults with tobacco), they also tend to survive in a much lower grade.

American Caramel Co. issued this 20 card set in 1910. The set consists of 11 Cub players and 9 White Sox; the front is a color lithograph similar to the (E90-1) with different poses. The backs are different then the other E90’s that is now says Chicago and no longer has 100 subjects and in it place is “All the star players”.

Important Notes

The following cards are tough to find

Chick Gandil, Frank Chance

Set Info

Manufacturer: American Caramel Co.
Year of Issue: 1910
Set Size: 20 Cards
Card Size: 1-1/2” x 2-3/4”



Price Guide (Complete Set)


Errors & Variations

The Tinker has a blue and green background variation

Key Rookies


Key Stars

Mordecai Brown
Joe Tinker
Johnny Evers
Frank Chance

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