1949 Bowman Baseball Cards

Bowman Jackie Robinson
Set Description

Bowman’s second set in 1949 increased to 240 cards. The fronts are black & white photos prints with colors over printed on top. The backs are numbered and have the players name and bio. There are several card variations in this set due to numerous printings and changes made to the design. Twelve cards that were printed along with the final series feature either a front or back name variation. Some cards from 1-108 are found with the player’s name on the front.

Important Notes

Cards can have a white or gray back
Cards have different combinations of:
Name on front (NOF)
No name on front (NNOF)
Printed name on back (PNB)
Scripted autograph on back (SCR)

Set Info

Manufacturer: Bowman
Year of Issue: 1949
Set Size: 240 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/16” x 2-1/2”


Series I & II: 1-73 (NNOF, PNB)
Series III: 36-74 (NNOF, PNB)
Series IV: 109-144 (NOF, SCR)
Series V: 145-180 (NOF, PNB)
Series VI: 181-216 (NOF, PNB)
Series VII: 217-240 (NOF, PNB)(scarce)

Price Guide (Complete Set)

VG – $2,200
EX – $3,500
NM – $6,200

Errors & Variations

Numbers 4, 78, 83, 85, 88 and 98 have variations of “no name on the front” (NNOF) and “name on the front” (NOF)
Numbers 109, 124, 126,127,132 and 143 have variations of “scripted autograph on the back” (SCR) and “name in print on the back” (PNB)

Key Rookies

46 – Robin Roberts
50 – Jackie Robinson
84 – Roy Campanella
100 – Gil Hodges
214 – Richie Ashburn
224 – Satchel Paige
226 – Duke Snider

Key Stars

5 – Bob Feller
8 – Phil Rizzuto