1966 Topps Baseball Cards

Topps Brooks Robinson
Set Description

The 1966 Topps baseball card set features 598 standard size cards, which measure 2½” by 3½”. The only subset for the 1966 Topps baseball cards is the league leaders (215-226). The high number series (523-598) is more difficult and expensive to collect. This set has been considered undervalued and underrated for a longtime, but it does have some gems to be discovered. It has a design that tends to get overlooked in favor of the bolder designs of other Topps sets in the 1960, but to devoted collectors, the 1966 set holds a special allure for basic but classic looks. While it lacks some of the high powered rookies, it does have a few rookie standouts like Jim Palmer, Fergie Jenkins, and Don Sutton.

Important Notes

Tough high series

Set Info

Manufacturer: Topps
Year of Issue: 1966
Set Size: 598 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”


Series I: 1-109
Series II: 110-196
Series III: 197-283
Series IV: 284-370
Series V: 371-446
Series VI: 447-522
Series VII: 523-598 (scarce)

Price Guide (Complete Set)

VG – $800
EX – $1,350
NM – $3,200

Errors & Variations

No significant errors

Key Rookies

126 – Jim Palmer

Key Stars

1 – Willie Mays
30 – Pete Rose
50 – Mickey Mantle
100 – Sandy Koufax
300 – Roberto Clemente
500 – Hank Aaron
598 – Gaylord Perry