1954 Bowman Baseball Cards

Bowman Ted Williams
Set Description

The 1954 Bowman Baseball card set consisted of 224 cards that measure 2 1/2″ by 3 3/4. Bowman competing against the Topps Chewing Gum Company for dominance of the baseball card market quickly printed their cards. so quickly that about 40 of the set’s 224 cards had statistical errors. variations exist in this set because of statistical errors that were subsequently corrected. The front is a color photo of the player with a colored box containing an autograph. Backs are numbered and have the player’s bio and stats.

Due to contract problems Bowman had to pull the #66 Ted Williams card and replaced it with Jim Piersall, making the #66 card extremely rare and valuable. There are multiple cards with different stats variations and we did not separate these cards because the prices fluctuation is nominal. We however notate it in the extra field for every auction.

Important Notes

Ted Williams is a very tough card in the set
High series does not carry a significant premium

Set Info

Manufacturer: Bowman
Year of Issue: 1954
Set Size: 224 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/2” x 3-3/4”


High Series: 129-224

Price Guide (Complete Set)

VG – $700
EX – $1,400
NM – $3,000

Errors & Variations

No significant errors or variations

Key Rookies

101 – Don Larsen

Key Stars

1 – Phil Rizzuto
65 – Mickey Mantle
89 – Willie Mays
90 – Roy Campanella
161 – Yogi Berra
170 – Duke Snider
177 – Whitey Ford

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