T204 (1909) Tobacco Ramly Cigarettes

t204 Johnson t204 Johnson back

T204 (1909) Tobacco Ramly Cigarettes Baseball Cards

Set Info

Manufacturer: Ramly & T.T.T. Tobacco Co.

Year of Issue: 1909

Set Size: 121 Cards

Card Size: 2” x 2-1/2”



Set Description

Issued by Ramly and T.T.T. Tobacco in 1909 the fronts are black & white photo with a gold embossed frame. The backs have either company’s advertisement. These cards are not numbered. The cards display photographic portraits surrounded by a filigree-like gold design that was probably meant to look ‘Turkish’. They’re also embossed, meaning some of the card surface is raised. T204s can also be found with T.T.T. advertising on the back, however only about 1/2 of the set can be found with this back.

There are 6 square-bordered T204 card that are most likely proofs or used for promotional means. These square-bordered cards are significantly more rare and carry a heavy premium. The six shown are Anderson, Bancroft, Bransfield, Burkett, Dinneen, and Moran. All 6 of these players have connections to Worcester, MA, where the producing factory was located, which is the best explanation why these players have the square border.

t204 Bender t204 Brown
t204 Plank t204 Tinker
t204 Bransfield oval t204 Bransfield
Price Guide (Complete Set)
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Key Rookies
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Key Stars
  • Chief Bender
  • Mordecai Brown
  • Johnny Evers
  • Walter Johnson
  • Ed Plank
  • Joe Tinker
Errors & Variations
  • 17 player names (14% of the set) in T204 are misspelled
Important Notes
  • T204 are very difficult to find and present a challenge to complete the set
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