T200 (1913) Tobacco Fatima Team Cards

t200 Fatima Cleveland Americans t200 Fatima Cleveland Americans back

T200 (1913) Tobacco Fatima Team Baseball Cards

Set Info

Manufacturer: Ligget & Meyers Tobacco Co.

Year of Issue: 1913

Set Size: 16 Cards

Card Size: 2-5/8” x 4-3/4”


Set was not issued in series

Set Description

Ligget & Meyers Tobacco Co. issued these cards in 1913 for the Fatima cigarette brand. The set features labeled team photographs of the 16 teams from the time. The players, trainers, managers, and even mascots were included in these cards. The fronts are glossy photos on paper stock. The backs have the Fatima ad and offer to exchange 40 Fatime coupons for an enlarged copy (Fatima Premiums). These cards are not numbered. The larger Fatima Premiums are considerably rarer than the standard team cards and carry a significant premium.

t200 Fatima Boston Nationals t200 Fatima Detroit Americans
t200 Fatima New York Americans t200 Fatima New York Nationals
t200 Fatima St Louis Americans t200 Fatima St Louis Nationals
Price Guide (Complete Set)
  • N/A
Key Rookies
  • N/A
Key Stars
  • Cleveland Americans (Joe Jackson)
  • New York Americans
Errors & Variations
  • No significant errors or variations
Important Notes
  • The Fatima premiums are very scarce
  • Very condition sensitive, due to the thin stock
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