Baseball Card Values – What are Your Cards Worth?

We get several phone calls a week from people looking for free online price guides that will tell them how much their cards are worth. There are several price guides available (SMR, Beckett, etc), however unfortunately they are not free, and worse, they are not very accurate. These price guides are helpful as they show which cards are relatively more valuable within a given year or set, but as for accurately reflecting market value, you’re better off checking out places like eBay to determine value.

To help you understand how to value your cards, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

3 Responses to “Baseball Card Values – What are Your Cards Worth?”

  1. Brian Lucht says:

    I have a couple of baseball cards that i was hoping to get some kind of value on. One is Jimmie Wilson who was the catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1934. The next one is Ray Caldwell who was the Pitcher for the New York Yankees in 1915. The last one is Al Schacht who was the Pitcher for the Washington Senators in 1921.

    Thank you,

  2. Larry Pistorio says:

    I am looking for the value of a 1999 Upperdeck Mike Schmidt Piece of History 500 Hr. card.

  3. jairo says:

    i want to know how much is my black and white reprint satchel paige baseball card worth?


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