1965 Topps Baseball Cards

1965 Topps Roberto Clemente 1965 Topps Lou Brock Back

1965 Topps Baseball Cards

Set Info

Manufacturer: Topps
Year of Issue: 1965
Set Size: 598 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2”


Series I: 1-109
Series II: 110-196
Series III: 197-283
Series IV: 284-370
Series V: 371-446
Series VI: 447-522
Series VII: 523-598

Set Description

The 1965 Topps set was made up of 598 cards which each measured 2 ½ by 3 ½ in dimensions. The set was released in a number of sets which were each released at different times throughout the year, with probable short printing of the final series. They were sold in 5 and 1 cent wax packs and this was the last year Topps sold 1 cent wax packs. On the front of the card is a player’s photograph or portrait with a simple frame around it. At the lower left corner of each card is a pennant shaped logo with the player’s team name and team symbols. This pennant is set against a colored lower name panel with the player’s name printed in white and their field position printed in black.

On the back of the card in the upper left corner is a baseball logo with the word Topps printed in it as well the card number. Below that is a short write-up about the player and a cartoon panel with a charactiture of the player. Then below that is the player’s bio and stats info. On rookie cards, the back is divided into 2 split sections.

1965 Topps Hank Aaron 1965 Topps Mickey Mantle
1965 Topps Pete Rose 1965 Topps Sandy Koufax
1965 Topps Steve Carlton 1965 Topps Willie Mays
Price Guide (Complete Set)
  • VG – $800
  • EX – $1300
  • NM – $2300
Key Rookies
  • 16 – Joe Morgan
  • 477 – Steve Carlton
  • 526 – Jim Hunter
  • 581 – Tony Perez
Key Stars
  • 160 – Roberto Clemente
  • 170 – Hank Aaron
  • 207 – Pete Rose
  • 250 – Willie Mays
  • 300 – Sandy Koufax
  • 350 – Mickey Mantle
Errors & Variations
  • No significant errors
Important Notes
  • N/A
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  1. I have a variation card of Jim Kaat from 1965. It obviously has the misspelled name on the front, but on one of the cards is a yellow flag on bottom left, while the other card has a white pennant. Is this rare?


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